Akwesasne Storm Peewees Take St. Catharines Tourney

The Akwesasne Storm Peewees came out on top at last weekend’s Legends of Lacrosse Memorial Tournament in St. Catharines, Ontario. Ranked sixth overall, the Storm Peewees beat other top-ranked OLA teams Whitby 2 and Cambridge, then survived a rash of penalties and an equipment challenge late in the third period to tie St. Catharines to advance to the semi-final against Clarington on Sunday. Tehokwirathe Barreiro led the way against Clarington in the semi-final, with five goals and an assist. Trysen Sunday had a goal and five assists, and other singles came from Tristen Shoniker, Brett Bucktooth Jr., Carey Terrrance (1 g, 2a), Jimmy Sullivan (1 g, 1a) and Garyn John (1g, 2a). The Storm faced rival Oshawa in the championship game. After falling behind 2-1 at the end of the first period, the Storm charged back and worked their way to a 5-2 final. Sunday scored 2 goals, as Terrance,

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Kahnawakeronon Woman to Play for Team Canada in the 2017 Nations Cup in Germany– “Honestly it feels amazing, I love being able to be a role model towards the younger generations.”

  Kahnawake, Mohawk Nation- December 28th, 2016, 20 year old Brooke Stacey traveled to Fussen, Germany to play for Team Canada in the 2017 Women’s Nations Cup.  Stacey grew up in skates, starting at the age of 2, learning in front of her grandmother’s old house.  At the age of 4 she was playing hockey and continued throughout her academic career.  “Both my parents have played a huge role in me succeeding, they’ve always believed in me and encouraged me to do my best.”  Now at age 20, Stacey will be one of 23 ladies playing for Team Canada in the Nations Cup.  She is also one of two aboriginal women on the Canadian women’s hockey team. Stacey is a junior at the University of Maine on a full athletic scholarship, having developed talented hockey skills over the past 18 years.  “I train pretty intensively, during the summer it’s usually

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Native American Gymnastics Hopeful Makes Olympic Alternate Team for Rio 2016 — Locklear is one of three team alternates that will compete if one of the 5 team members becomes injured or ill.

San Jose, CA- July 10, 2016, North Carolina Native and Lumbee Tribal member, Ashton Locklear, 18, has made the 2016 Olympic Gymnastics Team as a team alternate for the Summer Olympic Games, to be held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, starting on August 5th. Despite not making the five women squad, Locklear is one of three team alternates that will compete if one of the 5 team members becomes injured or ill.  This Native American hopeful will be flown to Texas along with her coach to participate in a 10-day Olympic training camp, before being flown to Brazil in early August for the opening ceremonies. Locklear began her gymnastics career at a very young age, earning her first championship title in trampoline and tumbling at age 5.  Now 18, Miss Locklear specializes in the uneven bars, and has racked up multiple titles in the last three years, competing at the

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Asian Carp have become an increasing threat and alarming reality for the North American – Akwesasne’s waters affected

May 27th, 2016, Lanoraie, Quebec, fishermen captured a species of Asian Carp in the St. Lawrence River. There are four species of Asian Carp: Silver Carp, Bighead Carp, Grass Carp, and Black Carp. Asian Carp have become an increasing threat and alarming reality for the North American Great Lakes, and the mighty St. Lawrence River. Caught roughly two hours from Akwesasne Mohawk Territory, the capture of this species is a confirmation of their invasion to our local waterways. Asian carp were introduced to North America in the 1960’s & 1970’s to assist in the cleanup of algae in ponds, because of their ability to rapidly reproduce and their ability to eat up to 20% of their body weight in plankton each day. Because of the inability to contain these species, the Asian carp have since made their way into the Mississippi River, and migrated North through US waterways towards the

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Akwesasne Storm announces head coaches for 2016 season

The AMLA coaching committee has selected head coaches for Midget 1, Bantam, Peewee 1 and Novice 1.   Akwesasne Minor Lacrosse Association is pleased to announce that five head coaches have been selected for the 2016 season. Selected unanimously by a 5-member coaching committee were Dwayne Thomas, Novice 1; Tom Smart, Peewee 1; Ryan Oakes, Bantam; and Troy Lyons, Midget 1. Spooky Burns will return to coach Girls Midget. Candidates are still being accepted for Tyke 1. Team 2 head coach candidates will be determined after registration ends on March 15. Chaired by Coaching Director Ryan Jacobs, the AMLA coaching committee includes Mike Benedict Sr., Dave White, Vance Thompson and Garrett Cree. Their main tasks in 2016 are to select head coaches, and along with those coaches, develop a cirriculum that will help AMLA players reach their highest potential. “Our players will be about to say, ‘Whatever the game requires,

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Snow-Snake: a Haudenosaunee winter game

The Snow Snake Game is played in the winter time, and nowadays its played usually during winter carnival or part of a school curriculum. It’s still just as competitive, and popular among the young ones. Historically, it was after the men returned from the annual hunt. These were huge games. Village played village. People shouted for their team. It was an exciting game of skill to the Iroquois people, and a team sport. Before the games, each player carved their own “snake”, which was a flattened piece of wood or a carved wood scrap, depending upon the age of the players and the competition level. One end was curved up a little, and the other end was notched to make it easy to throw. When two teams met, they dragged a log through the snow to form a path or a trough. Then the track gradually slopes downward to follow the contour of

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